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The Ultimate Stack for Mobile Apps: Ionic & Backand

Posted by on Dec 02, 2015

About two months ago, we published the results of a survey we conducted among Backand users in which we asked what would you most like us to integrate with. The clear winner was Ionic (with PhoneGap, highly related, coming in strong at #4).

So today we are officially announcing the Ionic Framework integration with Backand. It’s been out as sort of a beta for a while, but now it’s official. We believe that Ionic and Backand together make the perfect stack for building hybrid mobile apps in AngularJS.

What Ionic brings to the table: Front-End

Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps. Ionic is the front-end UI framework that handles all of the look and feel and UI interactions your app needs in order to be compelling. It supports a broad range of common native mobile components, slick animations, and beautiful design.

What Backand brings to the table: Back-End

Backand is a feature-rich backend-as-a-service for AngularJS that adds powerful capabilities to your Angular application, including social login, security, user management, hosting, a database API, integration to 3rd-party services (such as email and payments) and much more.

Useful Resources

Below are links to useful resources that will help you build your mobile app with Ionic and Backand:

Easy Ionic Starter with Social Login (Ionic Marketplace)- Leveraging Backand, this super-easy Ionic starter provides advanced user management capabilities including Facebook, Google and other social login using OAuth 2.0. (If you like it, please give us a 5-star rating).

Simple Ionic Starter with Backend (Ionic Marketplace)- Leveraging Backand, this super-easy Ionic starter provides a boatload of functionality including a database API, security, payment and email integration. (If you like it, please give us a 5-star rating).

AngularJS Mobile Apps with Ionic and Backand (Backand Blog) – A step-by-step guide to building powerful hybrid mobile apps with Ionic and Backand.

Creating and Ionic App with MySQL and Backand (the Official Ionic Blog) – Instructions for integrating Backand as the backend for your Ionic app and implementing your UI to effectively utilize a MySQL database, either by creating a new one or by connecting to an existing one.

Ionic and Backand Documentation (Backand Docs) – Full docs from Backand on the Ionic integration.

If you don’t yet have a Backand account, you can get one for free right here.

Also, take a look at all of our other integrations, as well as the stuff we are working on (you can vote for what you want most).

Enjoy building your mobile apps and let us know how it goes.