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Making a Node.js Project into an NPM Package

Posted by on Jan 05, 2016

We recently published an NPM package, backand-hosting-s3, intended to sync a local project folder to Backand AWS S3 bucket. This bucket serves our users as a static web site for their AngularJS projects. The package is to be used in GulpJS files and in the forthcoming Backand CLI (more on this soon).
After completing development, while trying to publish the package, we encountered a few salient holes in the vast amount of guides and articles.

Below we provide some instructions on these points that will hopefully make your life easier when trying to publish an NPM package.

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Integrating an AngularJS App on Backand with Amazon S3

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015

Expanding Available Functionality

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, offer a lot of useful functionality for web developers: from hosting, to distributed computing, to data storage, and much more. We at Backand leverage AWS in several ways and in this post we’ll look at Amazon S3, and how you can integrate the object storage service into a Backand-powered application.
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