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The 11 Most Beautiful Bootstrap Sites – IMHO

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014

Bootstrap Expo and Built with Bootstrap showcase sites and apps built with Bootstrap or Bootstrap themes (or templates). After plowing through pages and pages of beautiful homepage images and then digging deeper into pages – I came up with a completely subjective list of the eleven sites I believe to be the most beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what makes these sites beautiful to me? The truth is, the criteria was simple…first, the homepage had to be pleasing to the eye. And either on the homepage or on the internal pages the site had to use many of the fantastic tricks Bootstrap has up its sleeve. But there had to be a balance – not too many tricks where it was annoying or frustrating to hang out on the page. The navigation had to be good. If I couldn’t toggle through the pages with ease the site got axed. And that, about sums it up.

One thing I must admit – I did not check for responsiveness. So, these sites may not work well on other devices. That may just be my next blog…

In the meantime, drum roll please…here are my top 11 picks by category and in no particular order. Please feel free to send in your favorite or most beautiful Bootstrap site or app!

11 best bootstrap websites-19


Brave People
Creative agencies should have awesome sites. This is their business after all. But there is that old adage – the web designer doesn’t have a site of his/her own or it’s not very good. However that is not the case with BravePeople. Their site showcases who they are and what they do with aplomb!


Studio MPLS
Everything on this site is big and bold and very clear. I like their “in your face” design – it shows off what they do so well. Of course showing toffee on the homepage doesn’t hurt. And, makes me want to contact them and package our SaaS product now!

This site had me at macaroon. Any design agency that uses these to hawk their wares – well I am aboard. There is a little touch on each page. The only thing I didn’t understand was the difference between “Contact” and “Enquire” – they seem to serve the same purpose. Otherwise a flawless site.

 11 best bootstrap websites-20

 Help Scout
This is a clean site. No frills, but lots of information that is really easy to digest. I get what they are doing without being overwhelmed. I especially like the way they invite you to watch their video – and it is nice to see real people telling a real story.

Every page is a delight – especially the “Our Way” page. I couldn’t wait to click through to see what surprise awaited me. They used Bootstrap tricks so well – of course my fav is the cup of coffee pot on the home page. Excuse me for a minute, I think I have to go grab a cup right now!

Part technology, part fashion – I think I want one of these rings – but I not sure that I am technologically savvy enough to pull it off. I think that it would just sit on my finger and look pretty. In any case – you can pre-order your ring after you look at this classy site.


This is great technology and it has an entertaining site to back it up. The images are enjoyable, but not too kiddie. And I like the fun pictures of the staff. Go to the “About us” page and see for yourself.

11 best bootstrap websites-21

Relay Foods
Food sites are supposed to look appetizing. This one makes me want to become 100% organic. The use of video and imagery is causing me to run to the local co-op and cook my family a down home meal. Alas that won’t happen, but the site is scrumptious!


I didn’t realize how hungry I was when I got to this site. The pictures are almost edible – magnificent photography all through the site. I may have to order some jam just to check out the supply chain of where my fruit was picked all the where it was jarred – way too cool!

11 best bootstrap websites-22

Lots of people are always looking to find travel companions or local advice. This site helps you out – fantastic message board, expert travel ideas and so lovely to look at. I am going to book a ticket now for my next vacay!


There is stiff competition in the field of shared rides. But, I thought this site was the best – funky and fun. Great use of Bootstrap trickery that is not over the top and the pink moustache is just icing on the cake.

11 best bootstrap websites-23

Maybe it’s because I’m dreaming of building a new house or maybe I just have a thing for light fixtures, but the background photos are dreamy. The site doesn’t really use any Bootstrap bells and whistles, but they don’t need to since the pictures are so beautiful.


Go Lexigrams
Simple site – but uses Bootstrap classically (Can I say that even though it hasn’t been around that long?). It doesn’t look like there are any modifications to the original Bootstrap template. But you can brush up on your English by visiting this site.

I included them just because I want one. Yes – hands free use of the phone in the car is extremely important. So props to Navdy for building a compact product and a good site that makes it fun to learn what they do.

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